We have a “LiquorHole?” June Summer Humper #3. 6/15/2016

Well. This is a little different. Maybe it’s because I’m sober right now. Which is all kinds of unacceptable. But I digress.

I’ve been slacking a little on the Trash lately. I plan to rectify (RECTIFY!? I hardly… nevermind) that if I can ever find my notes from the previous two 3rd Saturday hashes. They’re around here somewhere…

Anywho, A Boring Handjob, our latest transplant from BFM, came out to a humper two weeks ago and asked about doing a humper trash. I told him I never gave it a lot of thought, I (usually) take care of the 3rd Saturdays and big events (unless haring). And since I can’t always make the humpers he was more than welcum to vomit on his keyboard, take a picture of it and send it along. So he did.

I wasn’t there so I’m gonna be quiet now.



” A little long, but she never complains…

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