LVH3 Trail #275 – Red Dress (07/04/2017)

The anal Red Dress trail kicked off with over 50 hashers from seven kennels. The love could be felt all around. The pack trickled in to the bar and to a private room for circle. Our fearless GM and hare, SEX-A-SKETCH, was soon away. The pack greeted each other, including our virgin, JUST KARA, it was soon time for the pack to roll out.

From the bar we headed left. Passing the vintage Roxy Theater for a photo check, then pack carried on through a truck graveyard and to Tri-Boro Sportsmen’s Club. The entertainment there was split between the hashers by land and the sportsmen by sea. After some entertaining exchanges, the pack was On-on.

Down the path and toward the park. The pack passed all the muggles walking and picnicking. We even passed “the floor is lava” on our way into the woods. Some hashers got and it. It definitely gave a glimpse at their agility and climbing skills. Apparently there was a muggle house that some of the pack thought was a trail stop. While they drank and were merry, eventually someone realized that wasn’t a part of the trail and since the host didn’t know any of the hashers, the pack took their leave. Traveling along the river, some of the pack found a shot check near another pack of muggles and a rope swing. The hashers that found it and drank, swung in to the river, thoroughly entertaining the muggles. The part of the pack that missed the shot check carried on on to the next beer near in a spot with two bridges side by side.

It didn’t take long on the hot, sticky day for the pack to become the trolls under the bridge splashing, dashing and even falling. As the pack was heading on on, a few stragglers were involved in a fall, a triage, a recovery and some creative bank climbing that included pushing on CAUSE’S butt. I know, some may be surprised CAUSE is mentioned but not her tits. It happens. Sometimes it’s alternate body parts that get the action when your on the way to the train tracks.

After a few Stand By Me imagery moments, we traversed down the other side of the embankment and back to muggle territory. A turn here, a turn there, and the pack lands at a skate park complete with beer, water balloons and a virgin soaked in ice water. Things were beginning to take resemble a movie I saw once. But soon enough the pack was on-on. Just in time for a cop to stop by and check on us. We gave him a sticker and invited him to join the next trail. Perhaps we’ll see him next time we’re in the town.

After so much fun, there’s only so much some of the pack could take which made the turkey/eagle perfectly place. Part of the pack headed back to the bar. Part of the pack carried on on past a park and community call. The cat calls were a little sexist since they were all directed at the guys but no play for the ladies. Into the neighborhoods went until we arrived at Lucy-fer’s mini red dress parade. Lucy was a toddler in her own red dress all jazzed up to see the pack. After a few hashers said hello, she quickly became overwhelmed and the rest of the group headed straight for the impromptu pool party happening in the back yard. All in, dresses and bare asses, it was a great way to cool down before the death march back to the bar and on-in.

As traditions guide us, we circled. There were accusations, songs and much rejoicing.

Once we transitioned to the on after, we not only had food, we also had a kick ass raffle. There was beer, booze, boobs, baseball and more that wankers won to carry on their independence celebrations. BONUS – we raised over $1000 to help homeless and underprivileged kids in the Valley get much needed supplies. Well done SEX-A-SKETCH for enabling this debaucherous bunch to do a little good on our road to bad decisions.

A big “thank you” to The Gin Mill for being our gracious hosts and all of our visitors from Baltimore Annapolis, Ben Franklin Mob, Hershey Harrisburg, Reading, CUNT, and Old Fredrick H3s for helping LVH3 make an awesome day.

Cum again. And again… And again… And… well, you get the picture. You may have even seen the film.

~ Snatch out!

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