LVH3 Trail #278 – Musikmess Hangover Hash (08/19/2017)

Musikmess Hangover Hash started at The Pub at Wegman’s. The pack started filtering in around the Brunchers. Even FAIRY CAT SHIT stopped to pre-lube even though he couldn’t stay for trail. As the conversations got hashier, the muggle sitting near us at the bar was growing more and more inquisitive. Before long, JUST CHRIS was loading his bicycle into the SEX-A-SKETCH mobile so he could join us for trail. (No, no candy was exchanged. Yes, he was an appropriate age to join us.)

Finally time to circle up. Our hare, JUST JOE, shared the marks we should see. Some familiar. Some he made up along the way. Once he was out, our virgin, JUST CHRIS, was christened and our visitor, PURPLE PRINCESS from Pittsburgh H3, was introduced. Without further delay, our RA, SCRATCH N STIFF, sent the pack out. On-on!

Through the parking lot with shoppers stopping and gawking as the rowdy bunch went by. There were no arrests so CAUSE FOR BLINDNESS must have still had her shirt on at that point. The pack entered a development and found their way across a bridge. Fortunately it was not being guarded by any trolls. Everyone passed successfully. On on through a park to a SN. The shot was placed just under a horses ass. Thankfully it wasn’t a live horse nor that of a horse corpse. It was a horse statue. Many of the ladies climbed up to get a piece. After a few photo ops, the pack was on on.

Further through the park the pack traversed, singing songs to the families taking their Saturday afternoon strolls. We crossed a street and wandered in to a swanky area with a house and active soccer fields. Somewhere between the two, JUST SUKEY picked up a virgin and brought the bitch along on trail. It wasn’t until we were in the woods and crossing a stream that we realized there was an extra dog around. Tapping into her adulting skills, OPPP took JUST SUKEY and her new friend back toward the soccer fields where the virgins dad said she would be fine. By this time, the pack split into a sausage and taco trail. All the men proceeded on trail to the next beer near while all of the ladies waited for OPPP and JUST SUKEY to return before getting wet in the stream. Trail proceeded past an irony check. This new check that JUST JOE invented was placed in front of a flour mill. Get it? Hashers? Flour? Yeah, it was a stretch but we’ll give it to him.

The pack arrived at a fancy bar for the BN. As the sausages arrived, they found the hare already eating some meat like he was out for an afternoon meal. By the time the tacos arrived, there was more food and fancy drinks about. JUST REENA and I indulged in stuffed olive dirty martinis. Not the average hash beverage, but that didn’t stop us. As the pack started getting comfortable and harassing the staff, JUST CHRIS ordered a round of lemon drops. Just what we needed… shots! Once the hare was finally done with his meal, he was out with the pack not far behind him. On-on!

More suburbia about as the pack navigated their way back to the start for circle. As the pack trickled in, they were gathering at the bar before heading outside to circle up. Guess what the hare was doing when the FRBs, SILENT BUT DEADLY and YA LION CUNT arrived? Eating more meat! Who is he, T-Rex? Once everyone was in, including CAUSE and WHERE’S MY D, we found ourselves a patch of grass behind some trees just at the edge of the parking lot. This seemed like as good a place as any for circle on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Little did we know, the store staff would pop out a few songs in and ask us to leave. Fun sponges. Leave it to RED COCK DOWN to encourage us not to push their patience. If he’s our voice of reason, we might be in for some trouble. At least this day it seemed to work. Circle had a swift end and the pack was on out for the next adventure.

Snatch out

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