Lehigh Larrikin Hash House Harriers

6:69pm, Every 2nd Friday of the Month

What are Larrikins?

  • Larrikins are people given to comical or outlandish behavior.
  • They are mischievous, frolicsome, and rowdy.
  • They are also known for their irreverence, mockery, disregard
    for rigid norms of propriety, and self-deprecating
(Stolen from online dictionaries, Wikipedia, and other Larrikin hashes.)

How a Larrikin Works

You sign up to HOST a hash, the HARE is drawn by Lottery.
Hosts provide a location (usually their home) for the start/end,
flour/chalk, cooler/ice, snacks and dinner after the trail.
The Hare makes up a trail on the fly (with a 6.9 min head start)…
if you snare the Hare, then YOU take over as the Hare.
The Pack brings their own beer, & the r*n fee goes to the Host to
cover dinner, soda/water, and other expenses.

Brought to you by your L2H3 founders:

  • Hindlick
  • Alotta Vagina
  • Quick‐n‐Little
  • Ateapuss Complex
  • Mangina

Are there other Larrikin hashes? 

Yes! There are…

  • Sydney South Harbour HHH, Australia, is known as “The Larrikin Hash”.
  • In the U.S. we know of the “Carolina Larrikins H3” of Raleigh, NC,
  • the “California Larrikins H3” of San Diego, CA,
  • the “Bay Area Larrikins H3” of Corpus Christi, TX,
  • the “Arizona Larrikins Mr. Happy Pick‐Up H3” of Tucson, AZ,
  • and recently the “Boise Larrikins H3” of Boise, ID.