1/3rd Hare for Musikmess 2017!

We’ve already featured one earlier. And now seems as good a time as any to defame the character of another 3rd of the Musikmess hares for 2017!


Tell us the origin story of SNATCH AVENGER!

The trailer version of my naming story: A virgin and I were enjoying a pre-humper meal at an outdoor cafe when a punk walked by and grabbed her wallet and phone from the table. The items were retrieved and we still made it to trail on time. Find me on trail if you’re interested in the feature length version.

 What in your adventures in hashing stands out as a favorite trail?

July 3rd Saturday 2017. Scratch N Stiff laid an awesome trail with a perfect balance of streets, shiggy, mud and streams. Thanks Scratchy!

That was a good trail. Okay, Share with us the thoughts bouncing around your noggin after your very first trail eeeeeeever!

I’m home.

Short n’ sweet, huh? Alright maybe this will loosen your tongue up (ooh! Suddenly I don’t feel comfortable wearing pants!)… Best Bad Decision!

Everything about my second trail ever – from car pooling with Sex-A-Sketch to post trail drinking games with Ya Lion Cunt to napping on the bathroom floor before being driven home.

That’s the worst? Most of us call that a Tuesday night! Or a Monday, Wednesday… just pick one.  Well, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you do better than that in the hashes to cum!

Speaking of great ideas!



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