2017 April 3rd Sat Hare!


So what compelled the hash to christen you with that reCOCKulous name?

I earned my name (3wayRunaway) at my virgin campout. Following some intense 1 on 1 dolphin fornication my tent acquired an additional lady friend. After a short stay I ran from my tent to drink whiskey with the crowd that had formed around my tent to enjoy the rest of the show as a member of the audience.


Tell us which trail was your favorite and why?

Would have to be my 1st Fatty and the why would be because I saw the pictures… It looked like I had a good time.


What were your thoughts after your virgin trail?

First thoughts after my virgin trail were who are these people and why would Ghett-Ho-Inferno do this to me… I need to go back!


Best bad decision you has seen or been a part of?

Coming back!




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