2017 April Larriken Host!


Tell Hashiverse how you got that swanky name!

 Goes Down on the Rebound….I am not shy about discussing my affection for giving oral pleasure. At the LVH3/Reading Interhash I shared this fact with a few Reading hashers. I also mentioned that my ex-boyfriend was moving out while I was at the Interhash. Maybe something happened…maybe it didn’t. Rest is history.


If CIA operatives were to waterboard you and force you to pick ONE trail as your favorite, which one would it be and why?

Unbelievably my favorite trail was my very first one. It was Ya Lion Cunt’s Hot and Wet Hash in June of 2014. I had no idea what I was in for but it couldn’t have been more amazing. Shiggy galore, tubing down a river, seeing complete strangers naked, getting carted to closing circle on a trailer and/or pickup truck. Fucking epic.


First thoughts after your first time? Hashing that is.

My first thoughts after that first trail were, “Whoa, I’m pretty drunk. That was fucking awesome! When’s the next one?!”


This one is going to be tough to narrow down but …Best bad decision?

Best bad decision…left the 2014 Blackout Pub Crawl after meeting a guy at Ripper’s….which led to a mind blowing FWB arrangement that lasted (off and on) until about 3 months ago.

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