2017 Hot & Wet Hare!


So let us have it; How does a half-mind acquire a handle such as R.C.D.?

Grabbag was haring the red dress run and Jacuzzi Floozey gave me a red feather boah to try to keep my silk red nighty/dress down and prevent me from getting arrested for indecent exposure. Given that I am an FRB at some point in time Cause got lost, surprise, and then found red feathers on a trail. She proceeded to exclaim. “We’re definitely on trail I keep seeing red cock feathers this way!” Or at least that’s the way the story was told to me.. I may have been a little drunk at the time..


As a well travelled hasher (not to mention seasoned drinker) this next one might be a tough one: Favorite trail and why?

Favorite trail was a Halloween trail in Allentown when we had an ice and snow storm about 20 people on trail with us walking through town trying to find bars that were open. Had snow ball fights in the middle of the street and ended up finding a bar that had no power on but was still open. Nothing like drinking in a smoke filled bar with the only light coming in from the two windows they had by the door.


If you can for us, think back to the beginning, what could have possibly been going through your mind after your virgin hash?

This is fucking awesome, I need to stop working my second job so that I can do this more! Also why didn’t I go to the STD Red Dress, apparently that was an epic trail.


Finally, because inquiring minds want to know, What was the best bad decision you can claim to be a part of?

Pourgasm and I finishing 3 bottles of whiskey before the Saint Patty’s parade started and him deciding to drive to the liquor store to get 3 more bottles because we just needed to have more whiskey. Some how they sold it to him, we drank those two and decided to then do a bar tour of West Allentown. All I remember after that is being cut off at LST and somehow making it home.

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