Six more weeks of drinking? Why stop there?!


 How did you get that name?

Well, smartypants, I’m the THIRD most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania! And I like to drink. Go figure that out!


Which Trail was your favorite and why?

You’re not gonna believe this but it was the Reading Groundhogs Hash February 2016. We got Bones so fucked up it might not have been so good to be him in the morning. AC/DC found a new boy toy (not gonna name names, *cough cough* Ya Lion cough*) Mysteriously there’s a bunch of little groundhog pups running around on trail this year. Now I’m not saying I didn’t have a little extra fun that day, but you can tell your story to Maury! Actually, don’t…


Thoughts after your virgin hash?

Why do I feel so empty inside? Oh yeah, I was smuggling a bottle of Jim Beam in my body cavity and these wankers drank it all!


Best bad decision?

I’m a walking bad decision, buddy! But this one time I thought about going to Easton!

Aside from that I gots a youtube channel! Waiting to see how bad an idea that was.




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