Beer Mile Champion Emeritus!


Let’s quash all speculation here and now. No more guessing what kind of perverse and Baaaaaad decisions led to the bestowment of such a moniker on our titular character… Egg, how the fuck did you get that name?

The man who made me cum was John Egermeier. I called him Egg. One night he came to trail and said there was a hot new girl at work. Should I not do her? Should I do her? Should I dip in the company pool? Should I not?…this went on all evening until I couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Egg, just fuck her.” The RA’s head popped up and all he’d heard was Egg Fucker.  (I find it pretty cool I’m named after my friend and he lives on hashing through me).


Everyone’s got one; favorite trail?

Grab Bag’s trail in Kutztown for a Reading/LVH3 Interhash. It had every terrain, great misdirection and a slog through a cat tail forest in a chest high creek. It felt like Nam and I should be carrying an M-16 over my head.


You’ve been doing this a long time, think back and tell us what baby Egg was thinking after that first hash.

This is fucking great. We’re completely anonymous, vulgar, suspending social norms like guerrilla warfare and drinking on a Wednesday night just to keep us sane until Friday.


A lot of people think you’re too smart to be a hasher. So give it to us: Best bad decision.

Matching Pourgasm shot for shot on his high-end vodka trail.


Pourgasm keeps cumming up in bad decision stories…  Give us one more for the cheap seats!

Beer Mile was my #2 worst decision. When I got home from Pourgasm’s trail I couldn’t get out of the car and slept in the garage. Beer Mile had people taking care of me and I didn’t pass out.

…though I didn’t puke after Pourgasm’s trail.
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