When I’m having trouble with the website or I just want to annoy the neighbors with loud music, I call this guy. It’s EDM! Who would name someone Erect Dick Maker? And why? Let’s ask him!

Actual: Running in front of F-Nana for miles (in circles because we were lost. Fuck you Pourgasm trails) blastin’ tunes.
Better: While not a gaylord myself, I certainly hope those aren’t bananas in their pockets when I see those beautiful boys.

Favorite trail and why?

Ya Lion’s Hot and Wet. Because Hot. and. Wet. and. music playing from an innertube floating down the river.

What was going through your noggin after your first hash?

Well. “After” has to be relative to when I started making memories again. I promptly woke up the next morning next to Illegal Discharge (who was not a hasher then, nor was she there) and asked “Wait. how the fuck did I get home? I want to do that ALWAYS”

I think it is safe to assume that wasn’t the worst thing you’ve ever done. So tell us the what you consider to be your best bad decision.

Travelhashing with San Diego Hump’n Hash and swimming to their yacht beer check with my iphone and speaker while on a business trip. THAT was a great call to corporate “hey can you overnight me a new phone? because. water”

You know nothing Jon Snow!

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