Father Humper of the 2017 MM!!!

When it cums to handjobs, no one likes a boring one! But we’re still glad to have him!

Meet our Father Humper for the 2017 LVH3 mismanagement!!!! 


Not a story I’d generally investigate… but, how did you Cum to be known as … A BORING HANDJOB?

It’s complicated. Some folks weren’t happy after a failed first naming, and this appeared out of the ashes. No real story value, but it’s a funny name so I’ve learned to embrace it!

That is pretty boring… acceptable hash behavior? Maybe? Fuck it… Anyway, what was your favorite trail and why?

In no particular order 1 – Dublin H3, because it was really unique and my first international hash. 2 – My moving humper in March ’17. So much fun. 3 – Hot Cockolate and I hosted a BFM trail in ’15 and it was EPIC.

You don’t follow instructions very well… but that is definitely acceptable hash behavior. On-on to: Thoughts after your virgin trail…

Total, complete shitshow. And I loved every minute of it.

Probably because there were no handjobs involved… speaking of… Best bad decision!?

Ever? Possible climbing to the top of the Hill-to-Hill (Rt 378) Bridge in college. I got arrested, which sucked, but the stories (almost) made it worth it. Plus, it was awesome.

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