Smell The Roses! July Third Saturday Hare!

Broken and Disabled H3 claimed another one this week. Stepping up to fill the hare gap is none other than…



No one ever believes me when I tell the story. So now it’s your turn. Name; Let’s have it.

How’d I get my name?… There I was, minding my own damn business…. just a “JUST” in the middle of a beautiful summer day. There was a hash involving the GayTM and gay bucks n things along that line. Someone offered to bribe me to see what I had under my kilt. Apparently, no one believed my answer of “shoes”. so, before lifting said kilt, I asked “do you like roses? because you should always stop to smell the roses.”, they said yes so I lifted said kilt up and showed off the rose tattooed upon my little willie. Shock and awe ensued (of course) and Scratch n Stiff was born 🙂


That’s some serious shiggy… Speaking of shiggy, what was your favorite trail and why?

My favorite trail goes paw in paw with my very first hash… T’was another beautiful June day… after a year or so of badgering by Twatwaffle to “cum hashing”, I decided to let myself have a break from all of my adulting and shuffle myself off to Plentipuss’ third Saturday / birthday hash at one of the south Allentown reservoirs. It was a fantastic day filled with great people, an intriguing run, beer, music and some dude running around trying to hump a tree… but, …no Twatwaffle ever showed up. the wench left me hang! Alas…. I did my best to make the best of it and even shocked a few people not only by showing up alone but by presenting my torn up legs in a kilt (not a skirt) because… no one ever educated me on shiggy socks lol.


Well, you came back for more… Finally, what kind of biased mediocre journalist would I be if I didn’t work my way around to the juicy bits? Holy crap that sounded dirty… ANYWAY! Best bad decision!

“Best” bad decision? But… there were so many… there was this one time I was arm wrestling Drunxatawny…no, maybe… maybe when Twatwaffle got washed over the Lehigh falls and I thought of jumping in after her…what? I thought about it! maybe it was the time I was brutally attacked by a vacuum cleaner in the middle of a stream… maybe the WV interhash when I kept waking up in other people’s cabins and tents? yeah! that’s it!! Once again…there I was, mindin my own damn business…and every time I woke up throughout the weekend… I was with exciting new friends!!… I found out later there was a bigfoot in my tent so it was probably good I slept everywhere else!!


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