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You might have seen this guy hanging around The Bandit Truck Stop! It’s…


We need to get to the bottom of this. How did you “earn” that name? And we expect details. For posterity.

Once upon a time, at LST, a bunch of hashers ended up discussing Glory Hole’s, one person in particular, was willing to admit she either didn’t know what it was or was unsure. I requested her to share with the group what she though it was, either she was going to get it right, and nothing happens, or she was wrong and we all get a good laugh pending the response. She didnt fall for it, and as the rumor goes I harassed her for hours to tell us. Finally she obliged and she was correct in knowing what it was. There was a debate it she should get the name or me for being a persistent ass-hat. Clearly I won out.

I like the part where she “obliged.” Next! Your favorite trail. It can even include the Bandit Truck Stop. Actually, we’re counting on it.

It was hard to narrow down my favorite trail so I picked a few of them…

Golden Showers May Fair Trail: A fine trail, that went through a wedding and had a slip and slide at the end on Cedar Crest Campus.

Ya Lion CLINT’s Hot and Wet: Mostly rough trail with about 30-60 min of tubing in the middle of it

St Patty’s Fatty at Pork Pullers house: Sunny, 70 degrees, everyone was drunk, everyone ended up at the hindquarters, myself and two others were all being flirted with by another hasher, a lot of us ended up naked in a hot tub.

Gaylords St Patty trail: We all wore banana hammocks and were greeted with sub freezing temperatures and snow. Which made going up a massive hill a lot more difficult and fun.

Random ITTOTM: A trail with two banana’s being chased by two gorilla’s, you cant go wrong with that.

Jabber Jaws AGM: Not so much of a trail, but AGM was at a hash staple bar, which ended with A LOT of people swapping clothes for about an hour, I found a gorilla suit in the broom closet which I was allowed to wear, Ya Lion CLINT was dared to (and did) walk naked to the main bar where a metal band was playing and someone bought him a free shot, Cumtuckey Slurpee was named and bathed in beer and orange food.

Alright, people got places to be. First thoughts after virgin trail?

I could get behind this…met some pretty chill people, we started at a bar that is my nerd name, a person I just met was friendly and bought me a beer, and lovely women in yoga pants.

Best bad decision? It’s tough, I know. But try to narrow it down.

First campout I made the strong push for Jello wrestling, after bringing it up, a fellow hasher stated it was on her bucket list, so I let her take the wheel because I was also trying to organize beer olympics. Her and ‘Egg F’cker’ made it happen. A lot of fun was had. She got named ‘J-E-L-L Ho’.

A separate camp out, I made another great drunk choice to allow ‘Out Of The Woods’ to do a shot of fireball out of my ass crack. Afterwards I was upset ‘Pork Puller’ and others were not watching, determined to show them and in an agreement with ‘The Shocker’, we did round two. The agreement was that if I let him do it a second time, I could do a third shot from her boobs. I stopped making memories after the second shot #fail.

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