You know you want it…


Where does that silly name cum from?

It was a term first used by the Brits and Aussies hashing in Asia in the 1940’s. Derivative of Shigellosis, caused by the Shigella bacteria, commonly found in your shittier waters. Ever crawl through a swamp and then have the shits for three days? Yup, that was me. But Shiggy can be ANYthing that can fuck you up on trail!


What was your favorite trail and why?


…Do you even hash, bro?


Thoughts after your first hash?

Who are these limey fucks tromping through here?! Turn down for whaaaaaaat!? (that was rhetorical)


Best bad decision seen/done?

Two words: Elaeagnus angustifolia. Russian Olive being introduced in The U.S of A! Because fuck your trails! And your hills! And fields! and… what else you got?

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